Welcome to our Heavy-duty & Medium Commercial Tire and Service Center

We offer 24-hour roadside service at 520-377-9143. We service industrial, agricultural and mining. We're a member of NTTS.

Service Pricing  
Tire Repair Services  
Hourly Rate $85.00
Tire Mount and Dismount $25.00
Tire Repair (Patches Not Included) $25.00
Tire Rotation (Per Tire) $12.00
Pressure Check (Tractor or Trailer) $25.00
Tighten Lugs (Tractor or Trailer) $12.50
Tire Balance (Includes 5 oz. of weights) $28.00
Road Service ($1.00 per mile portal to portal) $85.00



We're proud to offer RoadLux tires!
Road Lux